Christmas Concert -by Dolores

Let’s begin with the Christmas concert. Believe me, I’ve done this. David attended a main stream school, and he was the only child with a physical disability so I have a few short stories on what he did and what I would have done differently. The first year he was a lamb and as David […]

Cork Artist With Autism Shows Amazing Talent

Colm Isherwood who is living in Cork  and is a talented artist with autism, has been chosen as one of eight global artists to feature art on a new range of United Nations Postal Administration  stamps. I’ve spoken with his father recently Eric who is a big advocate for disability rights. Click on the link for […]

Fermoy Action Children’s Education

Financial Wellbeing attended THE Fermoy Action Children’s Education support group ( open day on Saturday, April 28th.  This was a great event for parents wishing to find out more about our service, the work of FACE and the various services they help co-ordinate. The group’s aim is to offer assistance and a social outlet to […]