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service dogs David & DoloresDolores’ Story

Hi, my name is Dolores, I am married with 3 children, David age 21 and twins, Sean & Kate 16. David was born at 28 weeks and weighing in at just under 2lbs. As we were both in intensive care in different hospitals, I did not hold him until he was nearly 3 weeks old. He had suffered a brain haemorrhage, lungs collapsed, skin transparent, not able to take a bottle, lost weight and on a machine to help him breathe. Yet, when eventually I held him, I thought he was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen in my life. My only wish was for him to breathe, as I held him that’s what I whispered to him. It didn’t matter what the consultants/nurses/doctors told me, I just needed him to live.

I love David as I do all my children, but I do have concerns for the future for him more than my other children. I’m involved in Financial Wellbeing because I feel I can understand parents and want to be there to give parents the knowledge I have in the special needs world. If I can help one person then that’s good enough for me.


David & Dolores Video shootDavid’s Story

I started working with Financial Wellbeing in October 2014.  I attend all the workshops and I do the opening and closing formalities.  I also helped Allan organise his expenses and I am very good at this.  I also ask people to sign up to our free monthly newsletter and get the names and the email address of the people that attended the workshops.

I add these names to the database and I proof read the booklets to check for any spelling mistakes. I organised the sat nav so we could find the venue and I prepare the room for the workshop.  I wear my Financial Wellbeing t-shirt.  I also import the parents’ names and contact details to our database.  I like to go for a cup of tea with Allan and Dolores after the workshop and we discuss how the workshop went.  I write articles about different things that I find interesting, I hope everyone likes these articles.


FamilyAllan’s Story

My niece Laura was born in 2000 with Down syndrome and this was our family’s first introduction into the special needs world. It wasn’t until years later that I realised the financial pressures put on a family of a child with special needs. It shocked me how hard it was for my brother Pierce, and other parents, to gather information and professional advice, not only on finance but on lots of aspects of their child’s care.

That was when I decided that I wanted to make a difference.

I founded Financial Wellbeing in 2008, a company dedicated to Special Needs Trust Planning. It gives me great joy to help ease the financial worries of parents who are raising a child with additional needs. This is my way of helping parents who are constantly faced with difficult choices and challenges.

I hope this website gives you all the information you need to create a brighter and more secure future for all your family.