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we as parents want the very best for all our children.

However, if you have a child with additional needs, it is so important to help them reach their goals and make them as independent as possible.

We can guide you through the many positive steps parents can take to significantly improve their child’s future financial independence. With our expertise and by attending our Trust Planning Workshop we can guide every parent on:

  • How a Special Needs Trust will protect your child’s future
  • Why a Special needs bank account is necessary
  • How to write a Letter of wishes
  • Explain the importance of a Hospital passport
  • How to choose the right Guardians and Trustees
  • How to build financial security for your child
  • How to fund a Trust from entitlements
  • Information on rarely claimed entitlements and tax credits
  • Strategies to create a brighter financial future

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Becoming a Role Model – by Dolores

Becoming a Role Model – by Dolores

Like it or not you are your child’s role model, your family is his/her blueprint for life. We as parents have huge responsibility and it should not be taken lightly. When you have a child with additional needs you need to be more vigilant with everything you do and...

Disabled Parking Card – By David

Disabled Parking Card – By David

The Disabled Parking Permit allows you to park in disabled parking spaces.  The parking permit must be displayed with the Serial Number,date of expiry and Wheelchair Symbol clearly visible from the outside of your car. Failure to do so may result in your car being...

Love is in the air – by Allan

Love is in the air – by Allan

At this time of the year, LOVE is all around us, men are rushing to the nearest garage to grab a bunch of flowers and pretend they never forgot Valentine’s Day. This is the time of the year when I also hear of lots of people getting engaged but what are the issues...

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Financial Wellbeing on Radio

The following is a selection of radio interviews with presenter Mary Lee O’Shea on the Disability Show for Life FM.

"What Our Families Say"

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Val Davin – Founder CANFAS

"Allan is a financial consultant specialising in families with special needs. He checks you've got all your entitlements, explains how ordinary wills DON'T COUNT with special needs children, helps with all finances and shows you how to secure your children's future.

He's helped me and many Carrigaline Area Network for Families with Autistic Spectrum members hugely. He'll also travel anywhere within Ireland. What's more, he's a really nice man!"


January 21, 2019

Our Story

Financial Wellbeing was founded in 2008 and is company dedicated to Special Needs Trust Planning.

It gives us great joy to help ease the financial worries of parents who are raising a child with additional needs. This is my our of helping parents who are constantly faced with difficult choices and challenges.