For me, it’s been a week and I need to let it out!!!

I know how lucky I am to have a taxi/bus service for David, and I am enterally grateful because I know not everyone has it.

HOWEVER, AND IT’S A BIG HOWEVER, when drivers change or when a taxi service ups its prices, the HSE and the school/institution your child attends must apply for funding again…. And then there is the waiting period where you are left with nothing, not knowing what/if there will be future services.  You are constantly on the phone and begging people to try to sort it out.  I’m sure you know exactly what I am talking about…. on top of 100 other things you have to do and think about.

Again, I’m on the lucky end of the stick as David has some understanding of these issues, and I encourage him to phone up the service provider himself!  He likes to have a say in things, and as David is persistent … I rather enjoy his input!!!

However, I have spoken to many parents whose children are non-verbal and don’t understand, which can cause great upset for the entire family.  The child can get confused and upset with the change in their routine, even if it’s a different taxi, bus, or driver can cause great upset.

I spoke to one parent during covid and her child, who is non-verbal and has a limited understanding, got ready every morning and just stood by the door with his coat on, waiting for his transport.  (Even though, at the time, no schools were open) it was heartbreaking to hear not only for the mum in this situation but, of course, for her child.  Another parent was saying as the taxi driver got a new car, the child was not allowed to eat his toast in it and as this was part of his routine, it upset his entire day to the extent he refused to go into the taxi and go to school anymore.

I don’t know if you have ever had the same experience, but it can make or break a child’s day.

I wish I could give you a few tips on this whole experience, but I can’t.  Maybe, don’t let your child hear you on the phone or becoming stressed over this.  Most taxi drivers are incredibly nice.  Once they get to know your child, I have always found them happy to engage with David.  It’s just getting a reliable service that is the problem.