Home-based July Provision, more commonly known as July Provision or the July Education Programme, provides additional educational support and resources for children with special needs during the month of July.

Home-based July Provision is where an eligible school participates in the programme, an extra month’s education is provided to a child who meets the scheme’s criteria. Where school-based provision is not feasible, 40 hours of home-based provision may be granted.

Parents should contact their child’s school, and they will help you complete your application. The Department provides an online portal to allow schools to submit a student’s details and confirm eligibility. The link for the Online Sanctioning Portal has been circulated to schools by email and will remain open until Friday, 9 June 2023.

You can only start a home-based programme once the Department of Education confirms your child qualifies. A sanction email will be issued to the parents and school to verify eligibility and the hours allocated to your child.

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