Your Christmas – by Dolores

Christmas can be a great time of year in particular if your child “gets” Christmas and Santa. I am one of the lucky parents as David loves Christmas and really get the magic. David has a lot of additional needs but his ability to look forward to Christmas is one gift that I appreciate and […]

12 Tips for Christmas By David

Plan your events well in advance Don’t overspend when you go shopping, the shops will stay open however always buy extra batteries Make shopping lists and try and stick with them. Plan a family day for putting up the Christmas Tree. Write your letters to Santa well in advance (once it’s written you can’t change […]

Santa Is Entitled To VAT Refunds – Allan

Did you know that Santa can claim back the VAT on specific toys that he delivers to children with additional needs? The most common items on Santa’s list are IPads & tablets Computers Apps (communication, speech, etc.) OT. Toys Eating and drinking aids Mobility Aids Communication aids Specific footwear The rule for Santa is that […]

Bank Accounts for David by Dolores

I often ask parents how they manage their child’s Disability Allowance. Some parents collect it weekly from the post office but most get it paid into a bank account. I used to get David’s weekly payment into his regular bank account before I ever knew there was a special needs account. Let me tell you […]