What is a Will? – By Allan

A Will is a legal document which sets out your wishes for everything you had possessed after your death. To make a Will, you must be over 18 years of age and legally capable of understanding what a Will is and what assets you own. Formalities for making a Will There are rules involved in […]

Trustees Duties By Allan

Deciding who you want to serve as your trustees is a decision that could have huge implications for your child’s financial security. It is a decision not to take lightly and for you to clearly match up with the right person When the Trustees take up their role they will have to get to grips […]

Special Needs & Inheritance

A conversation I have with every parent is how much will each of their children inherit? The majority of parents will always split their asset equally between all their children when they pass away. A point I always make is that their special child requires a great amount of inheritance than any other sibling.  The […]

Letter of Wishes

It is of utmost important that parents of special needs children have their Wills, Trusts & Letter of Wishes tied together. To help you complete your Letter of Wishes, I have written the following article. What is a Letter of Wishes? Letter of Wishes is a document outlining your dreams and aspiration for your son/daughter […]

Funding A Special Needs Trust

Why set up a Special Needs Trust? A well-funded Special Needs Trust improves the quality of life of your child with special needs without every affecting their entitlements. How much would I need to invest in to a Trust? Ideally, you should be placing €10-€30 per week in to your Trust and the earlier you start […]