Summer Holidays – By Dolores

Planning to go on a summer holiday when you have a child with additional needs is not easy. The more complex your child’s needs are the more planning has to go into arranging the family holiday. If at all possible don’t skip a year because the family holiday is so important for everyone. A change […]

Family Home – by Allan

When I am sitting down with parents to carry out their special needs trust plan. One of the areas I discuss with parents is the family home. My initial questions are always on how much they owe on their mortgage and how much per month do they pay. The reason I am so interested in […]

Buying a Car – by Allan

Buying a car is probably parents’ second most expensive purchase of their life. I am making the assumption that your family home being number 1.  Interesting enough the landscape on how we buy cars has dramatically changed over the last number of years. Previously most parents would purchase the car outright and own it from […]

Long Term Illness Card

People with specific diagnoses are entitled to an individual Long Term Illness Card. This has nothing to do with income but is based on your child medical condition. This allows your child to get medicines directly related to the treatment of their illness, free of charge. This prevents your child from ever having to pay […]

Love Is In The Air -By Allan

At this time of the year, LOVE is all around us, people are getting engaged but what are the issues surrounding your marital status and having a child with special needs? Most parents I meet fall into the married category. As my wife might be reading this I have to say this is the best category!! […]

Achieving Your Goals by David

I managed to set lots of goals in National Learning Network. Goals that I have achieved in 2016. Completed Mindfulness with Ted Leahy. Completed Microsoft Publisher Exercises in I.T Completed Art Project with Adrian Completed a Rap Project with Adrian Completed Relaxation with Sueanne. Completed C.V with Laura. I want to achieve more goals in […]