Abode Centre – by David

Abode is located in Cork and it offers services to people with disabilities. I used this service a few weeks ago and I was there for 4-nights and I found the place very good The place is fully wheelchair accessible. The staff were very good. The bedrooms are very big and are fully wheelchair accessible. […]

How My Examinations Went- By David

Junior Cert.  I did my Junior  Cert in June 2011. The subjects I did were English Maths C.S.P.E and Home Ec. I was entitled to a scribe when doing the exams. I studied very hard for the exams. The person who is doing the exam has to read the question and tell the scribe what answer to […]

Wheelchair Access- By David

For a wheelchair user it is important to have good wheelchair access. In some places it can be hard to get to some places if they are on top of a big hill. When I stayed in Palma the hotel was on top of a big hill and a few taxi drivers started the meter […]

Election 2016 By David

The General Election takes place every five years. When you are 18 you put your name on the register of electors. You can get an application form online to register to vote. You fill in that form and you bring it to the local Garda Station. You then get a voting card in the post […]

Toll Exemption- By David

A lot of people who travel on our motorways have to pay the tolls.  Disabled drivers are exempt from Irish toll roads. You can save money on your toll by getting a toll tag.  Company cars are not exempt from toll charges.Company cars have to pay the toll unless they have a toll tag. You […]

Transport And Disability- By David

For a wheelchair user it is very important that they get as much independence as they can.  I am now taking the train to Cork from Midleton and I am managing the train no problem. My new electronic wheelchair arrived on Christmas morning.  The wheelchair is by Invacare.  Invacare is based in the U.K. It […]

Christmas Financial Tips

Christmas is almost here and I hope Santa brings you lots of nice things. In this article I am going to give you some tips for the Christmas season. Have a Christmas present list completed early so you know what presents to get people. Start your Christmas shopping a few weeks beforehand so you will […]