What is the Household Benefits Package 2023?

The Household Benefits Package (HBP) is made up of €35 per month off your electricity or gas bills and a free TV Licence from your next renewal date.

Who can apply for the Household Benefits Package?

You are automatically entitled to the HBP if you receive Carer’s Allowance. Double-check you are getting this package, and if not, just send off the application form asap.

If your child is receiving Disability Allowance and nobody in the household is claiming the HBP, then your child can be awarded the package irrespective of how much the parents earn.

Legislation changed in 2021 to allow children living at home to claim the HBP.

How to apply for the Household Benefits Package?

My recommendation for parents is to complete the form on behalf of their child. Part 1 should be completed with your child’s information. If your child cannot sign the end of the form, then place a mark on the signature part and write a cover letter to explain.

Question 14 will ask if your child is living alone and you will tick NO. You then need to complete the following section with information about the people living in the household. It asks for salary information on the form, but again this will not affect your child’s application.

The Department will be awarded the HBP because your child has Disability Allowance.

How to Complete Part 2 Household Benefits Package?

You have 4 options. You just need to tick one option that suits you, plus the free TV Licences.

If your energy supplier is Electric Ireland for electricity or Bord Gáis or Flo Gas for gas, the Allowance can be paid directly to your energy supplier as a credit against your monthly bill. Your child’s name must be on the bill before the allowance can be credited to your bill. You will need to ring your supplier and add your child’s name to the bill. However, this can be tricky if they are under the age of 21.

If you run into issues, you can request that the credit is sent to your child’s special needs bank account.

How to complete Part 3 Household Benefits Package

I recommend putting your child’s special needs bank account details here. This will allow the credit to be paid to their account each month.

Once completed, you should send the form to the Household Benefits Section, Department of Social Protection, Social Welfare Services, College Road, Sligo, F91 T384. If you have more questions, you can ring the Department at (071) 915 7100.

What happens if you don’t use up your gas or electricity allowance?

If you don’t use all your monthly Allowance, you carry it forward to your next bill. You can carry it forward if you switch to a different energy provider, but you will have to contact your previous provider for a refund.

Can my child receiving Domiciliary Care Allowance be granted the Household Benefits Package?

Unfortunately, only children over the age of 16 and in receipt of Disability Allowance can get awarded the HBP. Or, as mentioned above, the parent on Carer’s Allowance.

Can you get Fuel Allowance and Household Benefits Package?

Yes, if you currently qualify for the Fuel Allowance, you can also apply for the HBP. The means-tested Fuel Allowance helps people on certain social welfare with the cost of heating their homes during winter. Click here more information on the Fuel Allowance.

Where can I get the Household Benefits Package form?

You can apply through mywelfare.ie or download the form Household Benefits Package form by clicking on this link https://www.gov.ie/en/form/aa538-household-benefits-package-application-form-hb1/

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