As a loving and caring parent, you have concerns and worries about what will happen to your special child in 30-40 years time, when you are no longer around. It’s completely natural to feel this way, as the well being and future of your child are of utmost importance to you.

At Financial Wellbeing

We understand that the care needs for your child in the future will be quite significant. As a parent you are rightly concerned about passing this major financial burden to your other family members and this is where we can help.

There are avenues available to address these concerns and provide a secure future for your child. One such avenue is Financial Wellbeing, which can offer you the support and guidance needed to navigate this complex issue. We specialise in helping parents like you to create comprehensive plans that will positively impact your child’s future.
Financial Wellbeing provides a vital support structure that empowers parents to take proactive steps in securing the best possible outcomes for their children. We understand the unique challenges faced by families with special needs children and can help you navigate this complex issue with one simple solution.
By working with Financial Wellbeing, you can put the right plans in place, ensuring that your child will be taken care of in the most suitable way, in the event of your passing. Our expertise will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve, knowing that you have taken positive action to make a significant difference in your child’s future.

You are not alone in this journey

Financial Wellbeing is here to assist you every step of the way, providing the guidance and support needed to create a solid plan that will give your child the security they deserve.

Put your mind at rest and take the first step towards securing your child’s future by attending a Trust Workshop with Financial Wellbeing. We are ready to assist you and help you navigate this minefield with confidence and clarity. Together, we can ensure a bright and secure future for your special needs child.


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