Ola Lanzarote – By Dolores

David and I just had the best holiday. Loved it all. Just wish more families with a young man like David could experience this type of holiday. What did I do for this holiday in regard to research as we had never been to Lanzarote before? I did nothing. I went into a travel agent […]

Entitlements- By Allan

I have estimated at this stage I must have cost the Department of Social Protection around €6m and the Revenue just under €3.5m. Again, recently I just had a private consultation with a mum who never heard of Incapacity Child Tax Credit and didn’t realise that she could claim Carers Benefit when she had a […]

A Look Back At Budget 2018 by Allan

Budget 2018 was announced on 10 October 2017 and the best way to describe it is “minimum change”. It wasn’t too long ago when we had the server budgets following the crash of 2008. As an economy, we are doing much better now on a range of fronts.  Gross Domestic Product is growing dramatically and […]

College Education Funds by Allan

It’s great to hear from families that their children with additional are able to secure a place in training centres and some have gone on to third level education. There are a number of means tested grants that students can apply for which lowers the cost of colleges and universities in Ireland. However, the most […]

Reflective Summer -by Dolores

Well, how was your summer? After speaking with a number of parents in the last few week, most parents have had a lovely summer, they spoke about holidays, summer camps and a bit of sunshine. A lot of parents also expressed how they felt it was great for their children to be going back to […]

Wheelchairs And Holidays 

For a wheelchair user, you must make sure that all places you visit are on holidays are fully wheelchair accessible. You must also check the place out before you visit to make sure that the place has wheelchair ramps and that you can get around the place without having problems. If you are also booking a […]