Free Publication by Inclusion Ireland

Making a Will – An Easy to Read Guide to Making a Will  An Easy to Read Guide of the issues involved with making a will or leaving an inheritance to a person with an intellectual disability. I have read this publication again recently and would recommend parents to read it as it has some excellent content. […]

Respite? by Dolores

Respite? A short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant. Isn’t that just a terrible meaning of the word respite? Ok, it took me a very long time before I let David go for respite, why? First of all, he was my first child and I was overly protective of him. Secondly, […]

Are You Summer Ready?- By Dolores

Summer camps for special needs It amazes me that some parents have the mind-set that when summer arrives that your child will change their personality. Some parents are under the delusion that for some reason their child during the summer months will behave better, eat better, not complain or throw tantrums and life will be […]

Toll Exemption- By David

A lot of people who travel on our motorways have to pay the tolls.  Disabled drivers are exempt from Irish toll roads. You can save money on your toll by getting a toll tag.  Company cars are not exempt from toll charges.Company cars have to pay the toll unless they have a toll tag. You […]

Transport And Disability- By David

For a wheelchair user it is very important that they get as much independence as they can.  I am now taking the train to Cork from Midleton and I am managing the train no problem. My new electronic wheelchair arrived on Christmas morning.  The wheelchair is by Invacare.  Invacare is based in the U.K. It […]