Love Is In The Air -By Allan

At this time of the year, LOVE is all around us, people are getting engaged but what are the issues surrounding your marital status and having a child with special needs? Most parents I meet fall into the married category. As my wife might be reading this I have to say this is the best category!! […]

Christmas Concert -by Dolores

Let’s begin with the Christmas concert. Believe me, I’ve done this. David attended a main stream school, and he was the only child with a physical disability so I have a few short stories on what he did and what I would have done differently. The first year he was a lamb and as David […]

Free Publication by Inclusion Ireland

Making a Will – An Easy to Read Guide to Making a Will  An Easy to Read Guide of the issues involved with making a will or leaving an inheritance to a person with an intellectual disability. I have read this publication again recently and would recommend parents to read it as it has some excellent content. […]