Becoming Independent – Dolores

We as parents are naturally inclined to “mollycoddle” our children with additional needs and I know I did. David is now 23-years old I ask myself was it the right thing to do? The answer is No, not really. What should I have done differently? Because of David’s disabilities, I did everything for him and […]

Back to School Allowance – Allan

The lovely summer is over, my kids are back to school and I couldn’t get over how expensive it was to get them ready for school. Recent research from Zurich has the average cost of sending a child to primary school each year is €830. The average annual cost of education for a child entering […]

Reflective Journal – Dolores

Well, how was your summer? After speaking with a number of parents in the last few weeks, most parents have had a lovely summer, they spoke about holidays, summer camps and the great few weeks of sunshine. A lot of parents also expressed how they felt it was great for their children to be going […]

Investment Property & Trust – Allan

Investment properties, cash, jewellery and most types of assets can be left for your child through a special needs trust. But before you go off rushing to buy an investment property you need to think is this the right next step for your family. I have lost count of the private consultations with parents who […]

Holiday Feedback by Dolores

Hope one and all are enjoying the sunshine. What’s happening to Ireland?? We may never have to travel to the sunshine again. I received a great response to my last article with regard to my holiday with David. Since then so many people have suggested other places to go in Lanzarote and directed me to […]