All parents who go through the process of planning for their child with additional needs future must do everything they can to get the right Guardians in place. At some stage in the future when you are no longer around, you must have nominated Guardians who will take over your parenting role. I am not […]

My 10 tips for Christmas

  Prepare as much as possible in advance, this is a busy time of year for you, however, your child will still expect you to care for them in the same way and maybe even more so. Plan, plan, plan, days out, visiting relatives, so you and your child will understand fully what you’re doing. […]

Santa Is Entitled To VAT Refunds – Allan

Did you know that Santa can claim back the VAT on specific toys that he delivers to children with additional needs? The most common items on Santa’s list are IPads & tablets Computers Apps (communication, speech, etc.) T. Toys Eating and drinking aids Braille books Communication aids Specific footwear For a comprehensive list click on […]

Rip Off – Allan

I had my car serviced for the first time in a local garage and was informed that one of my tyres was ripped and needed replacing and it would cost €125. I informed the mechanic I had a spare tyre and instead could he just swap the tyre. When I turned up to collect my […]

Becoming Independent – Dolores

We as parents are naturally inclined to “mollycoddle” our children with additional needs and I know I did. David is now 23-years old I ask myself was it the right thing to do? The answer is No, not really. What should I have done differently? Because of David’s disabilities, I did everything for him and […]