Holiday List – By Dolores

So you have put a load of work into planning a family holiday. I have put a list of the essential thing that I always bring with me and remember you can carry lots of the medication on to the plane for free under the Medical Baggage Allowance. Have a read through the list and […]

Happy Holidays – by Dolores.

We all love summer holidays, a little bit more sunshine if you are lucky enough to head abroad, kids excited, routines relaxed and a little time to chill. Holidays should be fun and as stress-free as possible.  However, one huge lesson I learned when I went on holidays is that David’s needs have to be […]

Flying With Additional Needs by Dolores

Holidays are fantastic and worth every penny spent. It refreshes you for the year and it makes such beautiful family memories. When travelling with a child with additional needs it can be a little difficult at times. However, I have contacted our Irish airlines and the news is good. Both airlines were very helpful so […]

Carers Payments – by Allan

Carer’s Benefit and Carer’s Allowance are the two main options available to a parent who want to reduce their hours at work or stop working altogether to become a full-time Carer. The pros and cons of both benefits need to be analysed before deciding on what option suits your family best. Your child’s development stage […]

Family Home– By Allan

Your family home will probably be your most valuable asset in your estate after you pass away. I have written previous articles on clearing your mortgage early and the importance of having a debt-free home. However, in this article, I am going to tell you something that I think you will not agree with but […]

Watch Your Back!  By Dolores

When your child is young and has a physical disability, you think nothing of lifting him/her anywhere, you’re happy to do it. It means a lot of bending your back at bath time, fun time, moving into and out of the car etc. and we take it all for granted. We don’t mind as long […]