I think a world that embraces differences is a wonderful world to live in.

What a weird world it would be if we were all the same. It would be totally boring and nothing amazing would have ever been thought of or invented. We are in a privileged position as parents to bring the uniqueness of our children to the world. To allow the world to embrace their abilities.

Inclusion starts with you. You are the teachers of our generation and the ones the next generation will follow.

How we present ourselves as parents and our children to the world all starts with you and your family.

The words you use are so powerful. As a society, within the family your relationship with your child, words can make all the difference. David is a great teacher to me. Let me give you an example. David would not wear hearing aids, however, when he saw singers wearing an “earpiece,” he put his in. Now he only calls them his “ear piece” and is happy to wear them. Just changing the words “hearing aids” to “earpiece” made all the difference.

Embrace curiosity, especially with children who want to befriend your child. Explain to them the reason your child is different. Once the fear is taken away, everyone can start to learn.

Children thrive on praise, love, and security so let’s give them as much as we can in 2023.