Domiciliary Care Allowance Should I bother?

More form filling, another application form with loads of hard to understand questions, do I have to fill it in, how much more, will this ever stop !!

I didn’t want to apply either and in my day, I had to go for an assessment to St. Finbarr’s hospital in Cork. I had to bring David with me, and I brought my mother as well as I didn’t know what it actually was all about?

I was sitting in the corridor with other mothers and their children and this “Lady” came out of an office and said to me “so you’re here for the money.” Oh my God she just floored me, I hope they have changed by now, that was 26 years ago and I was so lucky to have my mother with me for moral support because some days you are not as strong as others. I think I would have cried and left otherwise.

I held David in my lap as he was still tiny and I carried him into the office, I left the wheelchair behind in the car as David was very small for his age. The “Lady” said to me that David would probably not get Domiciliary Allowance as it looked to her, he would be fine. To say I saw red was an understatement. Nothing to do with the money but to do with the attitude and lack of compassion.

David had a brain haemorrhage, born at 6 and a half months premature, the child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth, he can only now stand with a kay walker and will never stand alone (he doesn’t have to, he has me, had to say that 😊) how dare she.

I told her I would like that in writing to bring it to his consultants and therapists in Cork and Dublin. I told her I couldn’t understand how David was given a wheelchair, walker, etc when he was going to be all right and I assured her when I was leaving, that all-in-all this was a very happy day for me as no one in any hospital had given me more hope for the future of my son as she did.

Anyway, I never received anything in writing … David received his Domically Allowance

I soon realised why I was getting the payment and when you are a parent of a child with additional needs the €309.50 doesn’t go very far. It could have been pounds in those days, I’m still too frustrated writing this to think about it.

What did I use the Domiciliary Care Allowance money for?

I went to a private therapist for David, 38 km drive and paid €50 every week (sometimes twice a week) as I felt this therapist was the best person for David at the time.

David was good at learning but not playing, so I went to a play activity that was for children with additional needs every week €30.

The early learning centre was opened in Cork at the time so I bought him a lot of toys that the therapist had suggested for coordination and hand skills.

As David’s left arm is affected by CP along with both legs, I ended up buying loads of clothes that would help David’s independence. Also buying specialist light shoes to fit over splints (nearly impossible).

Loads of hydrotherapy lessons and this lady was so nice she ended up taking him for free.

There is so much more that I can’t even think of so…  yes, your child needs the extra money. Spend it on him/her if you have any leftover give yourself and your child a treat.

Remember you are applying for Domiciliary Care Allowance for your child.

Need help and more information on how to apply then read our Domiciliary Care Allowance FAQ 2022