Since January 2024, Carer’s Allowance rate of payment went from €236 to €248 per week.

However, the most substantial change in 2024 will be the means-testing.

Previously, couples with combined earnings of less than €700 per week and €350 for a single parent are fully exempted from the means-test. From June 2024, this will change to €900 and €450 per week.

A step in the right direction but still not enough.

For salary earning over these limits, a sliding scale of reduction applies to your Carer’s Allowance, leading to a reduction in your payment until your application is refused due to the means-test.

If you had your Carer’s reduced or declined due to the means-test, summer 2024 might be the time to reapply.


Any savings, investments, shares, second property equity or other assets over €50,000 value will affect your application. For each thousand you are over, a set percentage will reduce your weekly Carer’s Allowance.

There can also be a slight increase in your calculation if you contribute to a pension, travel to work, pay union dues and pay PRSI.

Please don’t get too excited, it doesn’t make a substantial difference.

To understand the full picture of how Carer’s Allowance works and how to apply, parents can read our article by clicking here.