Home Based July Provision

More commonly known as July Provision or the July Education Programme is for children diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and or severe to profound Learning Disability. They may be entitled to July Provision if the school in which they are attending is not providing this service for the month of July. The scheme provides funding […]

Water Charges 2015 – By Allan

Ok, so much has been said to date about the water charges, however I wonder do the Irish Water, really understand how much water a person with disabilities needs? I think not. Showering/bathing can be required more often, bed linen, sterilising, just to name a few. I don’t really feel this has been addressed and […]

Transport and Disability

People with disabilities are entitled to a range of entitlements, supports and assistance when travelling. Following last month’s article on Free Travel Pass and the Companion Pass, I have covered the other main entitlements below with regards to transport and disabilities. Public Transport The National Disability Authority (NDA) has produced guidelines for Public Transport Operators […]

Free Travel Pass – By Allan

From my experience it is unusual for a child under 16 to have their own Free Travel Pass unless they are visually impaired.When your child turns 16 and qualifies for Disability Allowance then they will receive their own Free Travel Pass. As parents are aware when you are in receipt of Career’s Allowance then you […]

A Big Thank You – By Allan

I look back on 2014 with great pride in the knowledge that there are now 118 new families that have secured their children’s financial future through a trust.  To fund a trust of €50,000, €70,000 or €100,000 takes a big commitment from parents. At times, I am astounded at what length parents will go to, […]