As one of your goals for 2014, why not create your very own Special Needs Trust Plan. It not as hard as you may think, all that is required is a piece of paper and some thinking time.

Why do this?

Who else is going to plan for your special needs child’s future?

To help you create your very own plan I have listed the top 9 areas you should address;

  1. Clarify if you are availing of the full range of entitlements, grants and tax credits

  2. Ensure future entitlements are not revoked

  3. Update your will and check that it is set up correctly

  4. Defining “Fair & Equal” asset distribution between all your children

  5. Plan to transition the caring & financial responsibilities before you pass away

  6. Decide when to set up a Special Needs Trust

  7. Fund your Trust out of entitlements & start as soon as possible

  8. Write an effective Letter of Wishes to direct your Guardians & Trustees

  9. Understand the Capacity Bill 2013 & its implications for your child

Release the anxiety around your child’s future by creating your own Special Needs Trust Plan. Determining your child’s future needs and enhanced their ability to live a more independent life through proper planning.

Need Help?

Why not attend my, Financial Wellbeing Special Needs Trust Planning Workshop™.  Email allan@financialwellbeing.ie for more information or call Allan on 021 482 3635.

Fund Your Special Child’s Trust From Entitlements Today – For A Brighter Tomorrow