I love the excitement David gets when workshops take place. He likes to rehearse his slides on the parking permits and arranges a team zoom call so he can practice. He believes it’s all about him and he gets a great kick when parents ask him questions or just give him praise 😊.

He likes to be in the room before the workshop as well to chat to parents and show parents his PowerPoint slides (he was most impressed with the touchscreen in the Down Syndrome Dublin Centre). We usually all go for dinner before, then he likes to change into his “presentation shirt” just like Allan!
Afterwards, we usually sit down and have a cup of tea or a 7up while discussing how the workshop went. David always tells us he was great and likes to point out mistakes that Allan or I have made!

It’s been wonderful to be back doing in-person Workshops. We started with CAN in May 2022 our first workshop since Covid. Then we held workshops for Down Syndrome Cork, Down Syndrome Dublin, RARE, Down Syndrome Centre, Ennis Voice for Autism and Down Syndrome Clare.

Running the workshops has always been my favourite part of my work. I find it uplifting speaking to all the charities that support us as the people in those organisations that ask us to run workshops and so emersed in helping the families that they support. I enjoy meeting all the lovely parents who attend and listing to their stories each one so different yet having the common bond of wanting the best for their children.

We have now started to take bookings for workshops in 2023. If you know of any organisations/charities you think a workshop would be beneficial for, please get in touch with me.

dolores@financialwellbeing.ie or 021 482 3635