Way before we attend a workshop let me tell you the preparation we do.

We put the name, email address and phone number of the person attending the workshop onto a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel and the person also gets a workbook and we then tell them to enjoy the workshop

At the workshop you will learn about the following topics

Disability Allowance

Local Property Tax

Disability Passenger Scheme (This is my part. I discuss why people should not park on a footpath)

Letter of Wishes


Disabled Parking Card

Free T.V License

How to set up a Special Needs Bank Account

Water Charges

Future Quality of Life

How to setup a Special Needs Trust

You will hear about all these topics at the workshops. I listen to the topics and I ask the people different questions. After the workshop we discuss how the workshop went. Parents can also book a place through our website and all our upcoming workshops are available on our website www.financialwellbeing.ie