Wheel of Health.

Hope you are all well and looking forward to 2015.
As a wife, mum and full time carer for David I believe it is so important to keep my life in balance. As it is for you.
I hope you like the picture that I have attached. I have used it myself by shading it from the centre out to see how balanced my life is at the moment.
Let’s just say I have a bumpy wheel !!!
I need to look at the wheel to rebalance it so I have the energy and zest for life to be at my best for 2015.
Since becoming a parent I find it hard to remember a time when things weren’t full on and sometimes I can get caught up in appointment, school and life in general.
This year I have made a promise to myself to have a more balanced wheel.  I’ve got a fabulous child-minder that I am going to book more as I feel this is money well spent. The next time you see me feel free to ask me how I am getting on (I might pretend I didn’t hear you!).
How does your Wheel of Health look? What would you like to do, change, go?
I suppose the big question is how can you make it all happen?
Remember when you are travelling on a plane, the air steward always asks you to put on your oxygen mask first, before the child!!! This is important in your life too; if you feel good and look after yourself you will be in a much better position to help those you care for.
Until next time. Dolores.