Take a deep breath; I have great news for you.

As you are aware bringing your child to hospital can be daunting. All you and the hospital staff want is to make your child better as fast and painlessly as possible.

However, I feel being the parent of a special needs child it can be at times very stressful as you feel you have so much to tell the hospital staff regarding your child. You may feel that you need to make the hospital team aware of what can upset your child, maybe your child just does not understand “Freddie” is there to help!!

You may also have issues around eating, drinking, sleeping etc. and the hospital staff want to make the child and the parents as comfortable as possible. With this in mind I wanted to tell you about “My Personal Health Passport.”

My Personal Health Passport is child friendly and it provides all the information about your child in an easy to read manner. You can provide information on your child’s disability and also on your child’s abilities, other hospitals attended, medication, health history, down to what your child’s favorite toy is and their favorite food.

This booklet will stop you having to repeat your child medical history from birth and more importantly when you are not by your child side then you know all the staff will be able to familiarise themselves with your child health without having to wait to speak to you. Imagine how much time and stress this is going to save.

When I heard of “My Personal Health Passport” I felt it was like a breath of fresh air. I would have loved to have it when David was younger. Click here to find out more about the passports.