David loves to visit Santa each year, which is very important to him. He is 27 years old and because it makes David happy, then I am only too delighted to arrange this for him.

I know some parents are not happy about this and will have their own opinion on it.

Yes, I have received feedback and I understand where you are coming from, however as I am always saying that no one knows or understands your child as well as you do. With this in mind, let me tell you what happens in our house regarding one special day in David’s life every Christmas.

Before you read on, let me just say, you may have read between the lines as David sometimes reads my articles to check for mistakes. I feel I have this down to a fine art and hopefully, it may help you and your child.

First, I buy a present for Santa !! Age-appropriate (as in David) and wrap this up, no one sees the gift!!
I have chosen the best place to meet Santa, in advance, this is usually in a big shopping centre, as I don’t want David to be sitting in a wheelchair in the rain.

I ask my sister or David’s brother/sister to come with me, they love this day as well to see David so excited. We all sit down and have a cup of tea & cake (as this is such a special occasion). At some point, I will leave David and find a security guard, to explain my situation and also I do not want to queue to see Santa with young toddlers. I have always found the security staff very accommodating.

They bring me around the back of Santa’s cave. I generally meet an Elf to who I can explain the situation and hand over the present!!
I return to finish my tea and a security guard will appear and tell David that Santa would like to see him!! (you can only imagine the excitement here).
We get an escort to the back of the cave to Santa and when it is the correct time, the Elf welcomes David and Santa knows his name and is always thrilled to see him.

Now, this is the fun part for me.

David shakes his hand and accepts his gift!! Then Santa carries on with his usual speel until David ask him, “where is the first place he will travel to from the north pole” Santa normally says Ireland, Cork even. Then David explains that he can’t do that, does he have the sat nav and know the correct directions and time zone? He also recommends that Santa get the appropriate app so Santa doesn’t get lost. David has the app on his phone and shows Santa. Santa, at this stage, looks to me for help, and I say nothing.

David explains each stop to Santa and the best route (myself and Elves have to try and stop laughing at this stage) as Santa is beginning to sweat!
When David has exhausted all routes and speed of the Reindeers, David again shakes hands with Santa and asks “Santa are you sure of where you are going??” Santa always gives him a big smile and thanks him for his help.