As one of your goals for 2019, why not spend a bit of time updating your child’s Special Needs Trust Plan. It not as hard as you may think, all that is required is blowing the dust off your original plan, a pen and some thinking time.

Why do this?

Life changes and so does your plan. To help, I have listed some areas you may need to address;

  • Check if there are any changes to your entitlements and tax credits
  • Have a read over your Special Needs Will and check that your Guardians & Trustees are still suitable
  • Study your Special Needs Trust Life Policy to make sure you understand how much is going to be paid out for your child
  • Check the balance of your Special Needs Bank Account to make sure it is below the set limit
  • Update your Letter of Wishes and send the new copy to your Guardians and Trustees
  • Type up any changes to your Hospital Passport and Care Diary that have happened in the last year
  • Carry out a little bit of research on special needs and see what impact this will have on your child

If you are having any questions then I am always at the end of the phone so please ring or email

Wishing you and your family a prosperous 2019.