David summerA lot of airports can be very busy when you are going on your holidays. In this article I am going to tell you about airline service.

The bathrooms on most planes are very small and it can be hard for a wheelchair user to use the bathroom on an Irish flight. This can be a problem for wheelchair users. I have found this difficult every time i go on my summer holidays.

When the flight is being booked online you can select a number of options. I go To /From door of aircraft. This option is for wheelchair users. I then turn up at the check in desk and the flight attendant asks me do I need assistance to go up the steps to the airplane. Because I can’t they put on a tag on to my wheelchair at the check in desk and a person comes over to help me. They bring me the whole way up to the plane door and a lift is organised for us to take us up in to the plane. I enter in to the plane through a different door to all the other passengers. When everyone has left the plane then I leave the plane through a different door with a lift

A lot of airports have different terminal buildings. Departures and Arrivals show on a screen. The departure gate closes 40 minutes prior to departure time. You then get your boarding pass checked and you then wait for the announcement to board. All airports can be very busy so you must remember to look out for the signs very carefully or you are more then likely to get lost in the airport. You hear the announcement on the loudspeaker when it is time to board the flight.