imageA lot of people who travel on our motorways have to pay the tolls.  Disabled drivers are exempt from Irish toll roads. You can save money on your toll by getting a toll tag.  Company cars are not exempt from toll charges.Company cars have to pay the toll unless they have a toll tag. You can save money on your toll if you register for a tag account.  If you are exempt from the toll charges you tell the cashier in the toll that you are tax exempt and you give the person the registration number of your car.  You must pay the M50 toll by 8pm the following day otherwise you will get a fine in the post for not paying the toll and the fine will keep going up if you do not pay it.  If you have a toll tag in your car you can just drive into the electronic lane and it will beep and let you through without having to pay the toll.  Every time you pass a toll you get a bill at the end of the month.   
The toll charges depend on the car you are driving
You can also insert your credit card into a slot and you can get the toll free.  If you insert your credit card into the slot you are then given a bill at the end of the month. It is a little bit hard to claim the toll back on expenses so you are better off getting a toll tag.  You can register for a tag account on any tag provider website.  If you are tax exempt you are toll exempt.