As one of your goals for 2017, why not spend ten minutes to update your child’s Special Needs Trust Plan. It not as hard as you may think, all that is required is blowing the dust off your original plan, a pen and some thinking time.

Why do this?

Life changes and so does your plan. To help, I have listed some areas you may need to address;

  • Check if there are any changes to your entitlements and tax credits
  • Have a read over your Special Needs Will and check that your Guardians & Trustees are still suitable
  • Study your Special Needs Trust Life Policy to make sure you understand how much is going to be paid out for your child
  • Check the balance of your Special Needs Bank Account to make sure it is below the set limit
  • Update your Letter of Wishes and send the new copy to your Guardians and Trustees
  • Type up any changes to your Hospital Passport and Care Diary that have happened in the last year
  • Carry out a little bit of research on special needs and see will this have implications for your child
  • Check the small print of your mortgage, life policies, pensions and other financial products to make sure they are suitable for 2017

If you are having any issues then I am always at the end of the phone so please ring and I will hopefully have the answer for you.

Wishing you and your family a prosperous 2017.