The world is in an upheaval and people are frightened, panicked and completely in disbelieve, their world as they know it has been thrown upside-down. However, you must remember you have better tools to deal with this, why?  

You’ve been there before.

Remember when you thought you were normal and that nothing would go wrong in your life, you’d have children all would be perfect.

Why wouldn’t it? and then …. Our world as we know it has been changed forever and we embraced it, changed our lives and coped pretty well if you ask me.

So now the whole world has to change but remember you did it before, you can now do it again.

I remember always trying to keep up with schoolwork, doing physio, occupational, speech therapy and don’t forget phycology appointments. I took David to hydrotherapy as well at least twice a week. In between all this, I was trying to arrange playdates and help him build friendships. Not forgetting I had twins who needed me as well.

Take a breath and stop.

Be your child’s mum or dad and make that your main focus. Good or bad you will never have this time back again and it will be remembered forever.

Let’s just be parents, read the books or watch the same program again and again with our children and let us just accept this. I understand it’s hard but what choice do we have and do as we always have the very best for our children.

I hope when they call out the heroes of this pandemic, I hope they remember the Carers.

If I can be of any assistance to you don’t hesitate and contact me.

Wishing you love, peace and health.