Summer Time image

Sometimes when a child with additional needs is out of routine it can be very hard for him/her to adjust to change.

Summer time is wonderful, longer evenings, relaxed mood, sunshine, fun..

It’s all great and I love summer, however, it can be very hard I find to get normal everyday things done as my children need me more and I have less and less time to myself to get work done etc. I have ended up a few years completely frustrated by the end of it. A few years ago my friends have said that at the end of summer I look “wrecked and tried” (good friends are honest!) So I realised my circumstances will not change so I had to. So last summer I made a few changes that worked and I would like to share these with you.

  • First of all explain to your children that you must work however the time you spend with them will be of quality and fun. So when you’re off with them, they have your full attention.
  • Ask a friend to go walking with you for 30 minutes, 3 times a week, at a time that will suit your family circumstances and stick to it. I get up 30 minutes before my husband leaves for work in the morning and go walking with a friend. It really is great, the sun is up it’s a beautiful time of day, we have a chat and you feel so recharged when you come home to wake up the children. Remember when you feel better, so will everyone else.
  • Ask an organisation that your child is involved with “do they have a person who can take your child with additional needs out for a few hours a week” if not do yourself a huge favour and ask a friend. Do this every week. If you can’t do this, book a babysitter, you really need time to yourself. It’s only a few hours a week and badly needed. It gives you time to go shopping, get your hair done, or chill out with a cup of coffee.
  • Make out a timetable for you and your children; I feel this works so well. The children know when I’m Mum and when I am working. I also explain to them that when I am at home we will go to the beach/woods whatever they want. I ask them what they would like to do and take their suggestions on board and put it into a timetable so they know “Wednesday we are going to town for tea and the park afterwards” make the time quality to the children so if possible turn your phone off so they have all of your attention.
  • If the children are old enough give them little jobs to do around the house and garden it will all help and they can have a little extra pocket money for doing this. Then praise, praise, praise them.
  • Check if any organisations in your area or that your child is involved with are running a summer camp and if so, see would it be suitable
  • One other suggestion would be that you take your friends children for an afternoon, and she takes yours.

If you are going on holidays, don’t expect your child to transform over night, make sure you know all you can about the venue and how suitable it is for you and your family and if it works, go back.

Enjoy the summer, but make it work for you and your children.

Talk soon