Summer camps for special needs

It amazes me that some parents have the mind-set that when summer arrives that your child will change their personality. Some parents are under the delusion that for some reason their child during the summer months will behave better, eat better, not complain or throw tantrums and life will be easier.

From my experience “think again” it can even be a more troublesome time for parents and children as structure and sense of time goes out the window. However, it does not have to be this way.

From my experience, one plan should always be put in place and that is SUMMER PLAN!

What are you going to do and on what specific days? In other words, make out a summer timetable. All the family need to be catered for and that includes you too as the parent.

Ask the children how they feel about the schedule, about the actives you/they have chosen. Is there anything else they would like to do? Pencil in time with friends, having family over, days out, visiting, taking into account when you are working and when people are free. Don’t forget to book the summer camps early.

Think about what worked well last year and what would you do differently this year. The most important aspect of summer is to enjoy, get out in the sunlight and have fun.

If you are having a family holiday, a point to remember is that this holiday is about the family so unless you’re bringing grandparents (who have suggested they would like to mind the children for a day) or an au-pair you may struggle to have any time for yourself. But us Carers need to recharge our batteries too.

Holiday Checklist:

  • Double check you have booked suitable travel & accommodation and do this well in advance to suit your child’s needs.
  • Order any medication. If for instance, your child is prone to an infection, bring the antibiotic in dry form.
  • Don’t forget the basics such as ibuprofen or paracetamol, antihistamines, plasters, etc.
  • Check the sun factor agrees with your child and test it beforehand.
  • Buy a colouring book and also a book about bringing your child on a plane or boat (ladybird do a fantastic range) explain to your child again and again.
  • Bring their favourite music & toys. Security may be a factor for your child, so bring the teddy.
  • Spays or creams to prevent insect bites and maybe a plug-in for the apartment.

Now it’s your turn, start to add to my list above so you can have a more enjoyable summer holiday.

David always liked to make a holiday diary when he was travel, it makes lovely reading and you can add photos to it when you return. It is also something lovely to look at when you are having a tough winter’s day.

Wishing you a wonderful summer. I hope this has helped in some small way.