I know I’m getting old and the challenges of trying to keep up with technology and new word terminology are for me next to impossible, zoom calls and remote working has been extremely challenging for me in the last few months. Mainly because David needs my full attention and I was never really interested in working from home as I enjoy meeting people face to face.

I know Allan nearly had a heart attack because of my lack of tech skills at the start of lockdown but we seem to have reached a happy medium. I have learned new skills and I am delighted with how good I have become if you don’t count losing a load of procedure documents. !!

I also feel there are so many more words coming into fashion and I can barely keep up with the abbreviations my children are using. Can we not just use normal English anymore! Which brings me to another word that has been thrown in the mix “Staycation”.

Ok, we all know it is advisable to stay at home this summer which of course is completely understandable however, like the rest of the population, having a holiday is something we all really look forward to each year. It is always nice to get away and spend some time outside of the normal routine. I am planning a staycation in Ireland and there are lots of beautiful places to go as we are fortunate to live on this wonderful island. I may need sunscreen and wellington boots but I’m sure I will have a great time.  

Remember it is still meant to be a holiday and holidays should be fun, relaxing and enjoyable. And we as parents of children with additional needs realise that for us all to enjoy our holidays, we have to make major plans to ensure our children are happy, safe and the place we go to are assessable as possible otherwise it’s just not worth it. Something I learned over the years was to create my own personalised “Holiday List” so I don’t forget anything essential (medication, antihistamine, thermometer, etc).

Remember you know what your child needs are mentally and physically and believe me children don’t change just because they go on holiday no matter how much you spend. I used to be under the delusion that if we go away David’s behaviours would improve and he would eat new food too. I smile now (cried then) when I look back at all the lessons David has thought me over the years.

A site I research before I book my holidays in Ireland is


It is a lot of hard work and extra planning is needed to put everything in place but it will be so worth it. The memories will last a lifetime and get you through these tough times.

I hope you can go on holiday this year and if so do enjoy your family time.

Dolores x