For some parents and caregivers, it’s been a difficult summer. We didn’t have good weather, the children may not have had the same amount of outside activities, and, of course, we missed the sunshine, which is all-important.

After spending roughly 16 years with psychologists for David, one of the things that I did find of benefit was one psychologist telling me to keep up the routine as much as possible for myself and David’s siblings no matter what happens in a day; she said: “try your very best to keep the routine going for David’s siblings and yourself, it will stand to you in the long run as there may be too many days when life isn’t what other parent would call normal.” 

It was good advice and something I remember on days when I couldn’t even use the word “sidetracked”!! I’m sure you understand. 

We should all try and get a routine for school that works for all the family.

My school routine for David started the night before the school day. It sets the stage for calm the next morning. I encourage David to prepare his school bags and think about what he likes in his lunch box. It made it more fun, and it gave him a little bit of independence.

What I also found important was making sure I got up before the children so that I could be dressed and make myself a coffee before I woke the children up. Having that cup of coffee just chilled out, not rushing and racing, and as you know, you don’t know what to expect sometimes when your child wakes up. The mood they could be in, etc. 

It’s also essential that we create some daily routine for ourselves that gives us a little care for ourselves, some activities, exercise, or just relaxation in the day. It can help over time. I also feel it necessary to keep up the social aspect of our lives with our friends and family and try and set a time for just maybe one hour a week to meet them for that coffee morning and get out of the house regardless of the weather. 

This is your life, too. 

This is the only life you’ll have, so you must enjoy your day and little small things to make it beautiful for you. As caregivers, we have different lives than other parents, but like me, I’m sure you wouldn’t swap it for the world.