Change your child’s future quality of life by attending a workshop

As a parent of a son or daughter with special needs, you must set up and fund a “Special Needs Trust.”This will ensure your child doesn’t lose their entitlements and can maintain their quality of life after you have passed away.

Not something as parents we like to think about. But it is vital that the right plans are in place to ensure a more financial independent future for your child.

Special Needs Trust Planning Workshop

  • Financial & legal challenges facing your child
  • Discover rarely claimed entitlements & tax credits
  • Information on Ward of Court & Special Needs Wills
  • How to choose the right Guardians and Trustees
  • When to set up a Special Needs Trust
  • How to fund a Trust from entitlements
  • Why you need to write a Letter of Wishes
  • Strategies to create a brighter financial future

This workshop will benefit all parents who have a child under the age of 18 & who want to create a secure future for their special child.

Speaker: Allan M. Cuthbert Special Needs Trust Planner