Disabled Parking Card

The Disabled Person’s Parking Card is for drivers or passengers with disabilities. Card holders can park in disabled parking spaces. The card is for people whose disability affects their mobility and who currently hold a Primary Medical Certificate. Generally, the card is not issued to anyone under five. The parking card scheme is administered by […]

Mobility Aids Grant

The Mobility Aids Grant Scheme provides smaller grants up to €6,000 and can cover the full cost of works. It is sometimes easier and quicker to go down this route. You cannot apply for both the Mobility Aids Grant Scheme and the Housing Adaptation Grant at the same time. The grant can be used to buy […]

Don’t forget to claim back VAT

You may claim a refund on VAT for certain aids and appliances used by your child with special needs to help with independent living. The rule is that it must be specifically for your child and assist them in some way. Leisure items are off the list but find below some examples: Braille books Commode […]

Don’t set up a standard will

If you have a child with special needs then you need legal advice on how best to pass on any assets to them when you are gone. Many parents make the mistake of setting out a standard will and not realising the impact this will have in the future. Instead parents need to discuss with […]

Housing Adaptation Grant

The Housing Adaptation Grant is for people with a disability. The scheme is administered by local authorities and is means tested. The grant will pay for necessary building works to rendering a house more suitable for the accommodation needs of a person with a disability. A maximum grant of €30,000 (covering up to 95% of […]

Health Expenses

One major entitlement that parents overlook is having a Medical Card. A Medical Card allows you & your family to receive certain health services free of charge such as: Free doctor visits Prescribed drugs & medicines (€0.50 per prescription) Public hospital services Dental, optical & hearing services Some personal & social care service The issue is […]

Early Childcare Scheme

This scheme provides a free year of pre-school education. In general, children are eligible for the scheme if they are aged between 3 years 3 months and 4 years 6 months on 1 September of the year that they will be starting. There are exemptions given in certain cases such as when your child has […]

Tax relief for employing a Carer

You can claim a tax allowance for up to €50,000 (at your top rate) when you employ a carer for a person with a disability. It doesn’t matter if you employ the carer directly or through an agency. This relief may be claimed by a family member or divided among a number of family members […]

Home Carer’s Tax Credit

One of the most unclaimed credits I have come across has to be Home Carer’s Tax Credit. You can claim a tax credit of €810 if you are married & one of you is a stay at home parent. The small print is you must be in receipt of Child Benefit & one of you […]