Tax relief on medical expenses

You can reclaim some of the medical expenses you & your family incur. This is done through a tax refund at standard rate on money you spent on medical bills such as: Doctor’s visits Educational psychological assessments Hospital or nursing home costs Medication costs Physiotherapy Speech & language therapy Medical or surgical appliances If your […]

Tax credit for stay at home parents

Stay at home parents often neglect the importance of maintaining their PRSI contributions. It’s one of those things that only becomes important down the road. You can claim credits towards your PRSI if you have given up work to take care of a child under age 12 or an incapacitated person over age 12. Years […]

Additional Tax Credit

Incapacitated Child Tax Credit can be claimed by a parent in respect of a child who is permanently incapacitated. Additional tax credits are available for parents with two or more children with special needs. A little catch is when the incapacity can be treated by the use of a device, medication, or therapy. Then the […]

The impact a disability has on the whole family

While doing some research, I came across this report by the ISPCC. It carried out research on the impact a childhood disability has on the family as a whole. Thought parents might find it interesting…..

Domiciliary Allowance After 16

As your child with special needs grows up (it happens faster than you think!) your Domiciliary Care Allowance will stop when they reach 16. Then it’s time to apply for Disability Allowance. Unlike the Domiciliary Care Allowance, disability allowance is means tested. Your child’s income and capital will be taken into account. If your child […]

Information on Child Benefit.

Child Benefit or as some people in Cork still refer to it – “Mee… Children’s Allowance boy”! This is a payment to parents of children under 18-years of age if the child is in full-time education or has a disability. This is one of the few state benefits that isn’t means-tested (yet!). It’s paid each […]

Carer’s Benefit or Back to Work?

Just because your child is born with special needs should you change your original plans about returning to work? There are many hard decisions to make when raising a child with special needs. I recently came across parents living in Cork trying to figure the best way forward for their family. They have a beautiful […]

Respite Care Grant is a welcome annual payment

The pressures of being a Carer are enormous. Even the government acknowledges the need for rest for all parties involved in bringing up a child with special needs. The Respite Care Grant is an annual payment made by the Department of Social Protection. In June of each year you will receive €1,700 tax free for […]