Research reveals increase stress level for parents

Apparently there has been recent research done with mothers of children with ASD that revealed these mothers often have stress hormone (cortisol) levels measuring similar to individuals with chronic stress and trauma such as soldiers in combat! Read the full article here

Home Based July Provision

If you have a child with special needs you can apply for Home Based July Provision. This will provide your child with additional tuition for the month of July. If your child school provides a similar service then you should enrol in this because you are unlikely to receive the home base provisions. Like all […]

New record set for Financial Wellbeing

I am so pleased with myself. A couple I meet last month whose daughter is in the Cope Foundation in Cork rang me up on Wednesday to inform me that they got a cheque in the post for €15,420 because of me. From 2011 onwards, they will also receive just over €5,000 each year till […]

How would you react?

I came across this while doing some research on the internet. It is basically a hidden camera set up with actors but rather than looking for laughs, it is looking for peoples reactions to  abusive behaviour to a young man with down syndrome. You have to admire some of the people in this video for standing […]

Stay Informed

From years spent assisting parents who have children with special needs, I can only imagine and try to understand the additional pressure parents are under. If it’s not the stress of getting children to school, consultants, hospital appointments or bringing them to speech or occupational therapy, then we also have the worry of providing for […]

Nest Egg

Everyone needs a financial cushion for when times get tough. Families who have a child with special needs must build up a larger nest egg than is the norm. Over the last few years most families have dipped in to their emergency fund due to illness, redundancy or some unforeseen event. If your nest egg […]

Play & Laughter

Came across this article in rollercoaster by Anne O’ Connor B.A. M.App.Sci. – play and laughter a child with a disability can learn, and enjoy the company of their brothers and sisters.

Adopting a child with special needs

If you adopt a child with special needs then you are treated the same for all benefits and entitlements. One difference is you will not receive Maternity Benefit but instead you will receive Adoption Benefit. Similar to Maternity Benefit, this is a payment to both employees and self-employed people who meet certain PRSI contributions. Adoptive Benefit is paid […]