Domiciliary Care Allowance The Facts

The starting point for all entitlements is Domiciliary Care Allowance. This is a monthly payment for the benefit of your child. It is not means tested. I have nicknamed this the gate opener because when you are in receipt of this allowance then other entitlements are made available to you and your child. The official […]

Who Should Claim Carer’s Allowance?

Carer’s Allowance is a payment for those who are looking after a child with special needs. Your child must need additional support because of age, illness, physical or learning disability. The Carer’s Allowance is a means tested payment so any income, assets or savings you have will be taken in to consideration. The payment is […]

5 Good Reasons To Get Legal Advice

When you have a child with special needs it is VITAL that you get the correct legal advice around wills, trusts and estate planning.  Good legal advice will; Maintain your child eligibility to means tested benefits Protect your child against financial predators Provide guidance on how best to support your child Protects your child’s assets […]

5-Question every parent should consider:

1)    Are you placing some of the income from entitlements in to a Trust? 2)    Have you decided your child’s future living arrangements? 3)    Have you started the right savings plan for the future? 4)    Does your Will, Trust & Letter of Wishes match your future wishes for your child? 5)    Have you got […]

A good heart is sometimes a bad thing

I sat down with a married couple who have two boys with a rare genetic disorder that has turned their world upside down. Being loving parents and worried about the future, this couple started a savings plan in 1998 and a second plan in 2000. To give credit where credit is due, they lived within […]

9-Crucial Questions

The most important financial questions a parent of a child with special needs must answer YES to. Have you set up a trust and will for your child with special needs? Have you decided your child’s future living arrangements? Have you provided sufficient life cover for when you die? If you become ill long term […]

Back to School Allowance

This allowance helps parents meet the cost of uniforms and footwear for their children. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have children with special needs.  The scheme operates from June to September each year and is means tested. The main criteria are you must be in receipt of one of the following: Social welfare […]

Diet Supplement Scheme

If your hospital consultant prescribed a special diet for your child with special needs. Then it may be possible to claim an allowance from your health board. As usual this scheme is means tested and you must be in receipt of a social welfare payment. The following is a list of diets that qualify: Low-lactose, […]

Free Nappies Scheme

  This arrangement is hard to get information on and seems to vary from county to county. The main benefit is parents can get nappies for free if they have a child with special needs. You can only access the scheme when your child reaches the age of 3 or over because up to this […]