Domiciliary Care Allowance

Your start point in receiving your full range of special needs entitlements, benefits, grants and tax credits is being granted Domiciliary Care Allowance. If you don’t have Domiciliary Allowance for your child then you will find it impossible to get any other entitlements or benefits. This is your first step and it is important that […]

Letter of Wishes

It is of utmost important that parents of special needs children have their Wills, Trusts & Letter of Wishes tied together. To help you complete your Letter of Wishes, I have written the following article. What is a Letter of Wishes? Letter of Wishes is a document outlining your dreams and aspiration for your son/daughter […]

Funding A Special Needs Trust

Why set up a Special Needs Trust? A well-funded Special Needs Trust improves the quality of life of your child with special needs without every affecting their entitlements. How much would I need to invest in to a Trust? Ideally, you should be placing €10-€30 per week in to your Trust and the earlier you start […]

The Importance Of A Special Needs Will

A standard Wills will not do when you have a child with special needs. Recently I created a special needs financial plan for a family whose youngest child had a physical disability; it struck me how unaware they were of the dangers in not having a will. In the course of conversation they mentioned that making […]


Let’s do something different this time, let’s make a New Year’s Resolution that lasts. Financial resolutions are often high on the list with promises of “spend less and save more”. Let me guide you on how to make it happen. The following key pointers should help make 2013 a more prosperous year. Budget 2013 The […]

Christmas Financial Tips

Christmas is coming, spirits are rising and after a tough financial year for most Irish people, I would like to share some of my best Christmas financial tips to help you. Christmas Budget Sheet* A great tool I ask my clients to use is a Christmas Budget Sheet because a little planning can make a […]

Special Needs Financial Planning

As a parent who has a child with special needs you must realise that traditional financial advice will not work for your family. Without the appropriate plan in place, you leave too much of your child’s future to chance. Financial Wellbeing unique Special Needs Financial Plan goes through every aspect a parent needs to address […]