Care Diary- By Dolores

What would you do if you won a holiday for two in some sunny beach away from the Irish weather? First thing that comes to my mind is, YES, that’s the best news, I deserve it, I need it, Yes….then I think… Who will look after my twins but also who will I ask to […]

School Years- By David

I started Secondary School in September 2009 and I have found all my school years excellent and the helpers could not have been nicer to me. I also found all the teachers extremely helpful and very nice. My favourite subjects were computers, Home Economics and I also did Office Admin. I also did I.T classes […]

Actor with Down’s Syndrome By James Leyfield

Coronation Street has cast its first ever actor with Down’s Syndrome, Liam Bairstow, to play Cathy Matthews’ nephew Alex. Producer Stuart Blackburn has revealed the 25-year-old star was discovered after the soap held a workshop for actors with disabilities, and he praised Liam’s “lovely sense of timing”. He said: “We ran a workshop for actors […]

GP Visit Card (Under 6) – By Allan

I have been working in the area of special needs since 2008 and this is the first time I felt excited about changes to legislation around health care (usually my heart sinks!). Parents who have a child with additional needs have higher and sometimes huge medical expenses.  Now there is help for children under six […]