Transport And Disability- By David

For a wheelchair user it is very important that they get as much independence as they can.  I am now taking the train to Cork from Midleton and I am managing the train no problem. My new electronic wheelchair arrived on Christmas morning.  The wheelchair is by Invacare.  Invacare is based in the U.K. It […]

Disabled Passengers Scheme Expansion

January 2016, Minister Noonan announced an improvement in the scheme to acknowledging the expensive cost of adapted vehicles, given the extensive nature of the adaptations required. You can claim a number of different relief to buy a vehicle for the purpose of transporting your special needs child who holds a primary medical certification. This certification is carried […]

Christmas Financial Tips

Christmas is almost here and I hope Santa brings you lots of nice things. In this article I am going to give you some tips for the Christmas season. Have a Christmas present list completed early so you know what presents to get people. Start your Christmas shopping a few weeks beforehand so you will […]

Enjoying A Special Christmas By Dolores

Here are a few tips I picked up along the way to make Christmas more enjoyable for all the family. Let’s start with school concert. Your child is on stage, forgets their lines, sneezes, must go to the bathroom, etc, you’re beginning to sweat. STOP, smile, this happens to children without additional needs also. Chill […]

Most Commonly Asked Questions By Allan

2015 has been another very busy year for Dolores, David & I. We have hosted our Trust Planning Workshop to over 23 different charities around Ireland in the last 12-months. We have presented our workshop to around 700 parents. Firstly, I’d like to express, A big thank you to all the wonderful parents I meet […]

National Learning Network Hollyhill

I finished school in June 2015.  I have now started a course in The National Learning Centre in Hollyhill.  The course that I am doing is a Directions Programme.  The course provides people with more independence.  Before I started my course  I had to go for an interview to tell the people there about myself […]

Budget 2016 & Special Needs

I am glad to write this article on the Budget 2016 as my last few budget articles made for depressing reading. The first thing of substantial note for Carers is the Respite Care Grant which has now been restored to pre-recession levels. From €1,375 back to €1,700. This is a welcome reversal of policy and […]