Entitlements- By Allan

I have estimated at this stage I must have cost the department of Social Protection around €6m and the Revenue just under €3.5m. Again, I just had a private consultation with a mum who never heard of Incapacity Child Tax Credit and didn’t realise that she could claim Carers Benefit when she had a change […]

Special Needs & Pension – Allan

A pension at it’s core is a simple long term savings plan that parents can get access to when they retire. My big bug bearer is that the industry has taken a simple concept and made it more complex than space travel. The industry has also passed on ALL the risk to parents who are […]

Election 2016 By David

The General Election takes place every five years. When you are 18 you put your name on the register of electors. You can get an application form online to register to vote. You fill in that form and you bring it to the local Garda Station. You then get a voting card in the post […]

Disabled Passengers Scheme Expansion

January 2016, Minister Noonan announced an improvement in the scheme to acknowledging the expensive cost of adapted vehicles, given the extensive nature of the adaptations required. You can claim a number of different relief to buy a vehicle for the purpose of transporting your special needs child who holds a primary medical certification. This certification is carried […]

Toll Exemption- By David

A lot of people who travel on our motorways have to pay the tolls.  Disabled drivers are exempt from Irish toll roads. You can save money on your toll by getting a toll tag.  Company cars are not exempt from toll charges.Company cars have to pay the toll unless they have a toll tag. You […]