The Autism Jigsaw Conference

What a day! This was held in The Marybrough Hotel on 25th of October 2012. It was a most interesting and inspiring day for all who attended. We had presentation on Practical uses of ABA, Relationships & Sexuality, Bridging the Social Gap, Autism and Anxiety, Developing Positive Behaviour and a presentation from Jennifer O’Toole on […]

Special Needs Trust Planning Workshop™

Change your child’s future quality of life by attending a workshop As a parent of a son or daughter with special needs, you must set up and fund a “Special Needs Trust.”This will ensure your child doesn’t lose their entitlements and can maintain their quality of life after you have passed away. Not something as […]

Protect Your Special Child’s Future

If you are a special needs parent who has yet to set up a Special Needs Trust then please read on, as this is the most important article I have ever written on special needs entitlement, financial, legal and money. Every parent who is in receipt of Domiciliary Care Allowance or Disability Allowance for their […]

Tips for Successful IEP Meetings By Dolores

Success at school Planning a school meeting or meeting with therapists (or both) with regard to having an IEP (individualised education plan) can be challenging. I have attended these meetings so many times, I’ve lost count. And I have a few tips for you as parents/guardian’s to make this meeting as successful as possible. Hopefully […]