social media

Social Media is great. Social Media is all about the websites that you visit online. It helps you connect with friends and family if they are not living at home. It is fast and easy.

Some of my favourite websites to visit at the moment are

  • to price holidays
  • for special offers and flight prices
  • for flight prices
  • to price car hire for our holidays
  • is another website that you can look up but Avis are always expensive.

Here are some of my tips:

  • The most important thing is to keep your account safe and secure
  • Block hurtful or nasty comments.
  • Always log out to prevent other people hacking into the account
  • Do not access someone else’s page without their permission
  • If you do get bullied on Facebook, report it.
  • Attend a Social Media training course to keep you updated about the world of Social Networking.
  • Only allow children under 16 to log into an account if they have permission and keep an eye on them at all times.
  • To keep your Facebook and email account protected, keep your password safe and always log out to prevent other people hacking into your Facebook and email accounts.
  • Parents should be aware of the dangers online for their children and they should set a timer to keep track of how long children should spend on Social Media.
  • Do not add a person who you do not know to your list of online friends.
  • Being stuck on social media all the time is not good for your physical or mental health

I hope these tips are useful for you and your family.