I have been thinking more and more about how it must be for my twins Sean and Kate’s childhood. They see me on a daily base running around and caught for time because I am always in a firefight for David, so busy with appointments, care duties, phone calls to arrange things for him and trying to make his life as normal as possible.

It is obviously a totally different up bring than what I imagined for them before they were ever even born. Knowing how proud I am of Sean & Kate, I think their lives have changed for the better.

I have always tried to focus on the positive of having a brother with special needs. I know they wouldn’t have the experiences in their childhood and met so many nice people if it wasn’t for David.

Their childhood is just as important to me and with this in mind, I’d like to tell you about Sibshops. This is a get-together and caters for the siblings of children with physical disabilities and learning disabilities and are run through Ireland.

The aim of the Sibshops is to let the other siblings in the family to express their thoughts and engage with other children in the same situation. To talk and help them understand that it is not only their family dealing with a child with additional needs. They also make new friends and find they are not alone in this circumstance.

Check out https://www.inclusionireland.ie/content/news-items/1586/new-study-reveals-supports-are-needed-siblings-people-intellectual

If you ask the organisation that your child is attached to they may be able to recommend one locally for the siblings to attend.  I am a strong believer in arranging some quality time with Sean and Kate that doesn’t involve David. This allows us to go place we might not be able to go because of wheelchair accessibility. Most of the time it is just something simple and I just try to make time to listen to them and what is important in their lives.

Remember, every childhood lasts a lifetime.


Till next time.