A seminar will run from 10.30am-5pm on Saturday 13th of September 2014 in the Corrin Event Centre, Fermoy Co Cork.

The Charities concerned in this Seminar are listed alphabetically as:-

  1. Autism Assistance Dogs of Ireland
  2. Irish Dogs for the Disabled.
  3. Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind which also runs an Assistance Dog Programme.
  4. Irish Therapy Dogs
  5. My Canine Companion

Topics to be Addressed

  1. Assistance Dog History, Benefits, Irish Models v International Models
  2. Funding, Tax Issues, Allowances
  3. Irish Studies, International Studies
  4. Needs of those with a Disability- Equality Issues
  5. Legislation- Past Definitions need to be revised
  6. Legislation around definition, accreditation, training, sourcing, rogue operators
  7. Future needs and trends, dog replacement policy, respite, retirement
  8. Breeding, genetics, should it be allowed to source from pounds etc.


  1. Opened by Minister
  2. The 5 Charities
  3. Dr. Louise Burgoyne UCC – Author of Recent Study on Assistance Dogs
  4. Elma Burg – Co-ordinator from Assistance Dogs Europe
  5. Speaker from Dog Perspective – President Irish Kennel Club
  6. Speaker from Irish Guide Dogs with Long Term History, Present – Future Strategy, looking at Breeding, Genetics, Socialisation.


To book your place email servicedogsofirelandseminar@gmail.com. More information visit https://www.facebook.com/servicedogsofirelandseminar

Event Organisor

Our Family have been entrusted by Irish Dogs for the Disabled and we are in the process of rearing a labradoodle, Gavin, to adulthood, who will when he matures, will be trained as a Hearing Dog for our son who is deaf. I have helped out at a number of fundraising events over the last 18 months for the charity ‘Dogs for the Disabled’. I discovered there are a number of charities operating in this field in Ireland, all of which are self funded through the work of volunteers.  Through our connection with Irish Dogs for the Disabled we have become involved in various fund raising events.  Through these events we have met others who are involved with other Canine Charities.  All, bar one, are self funded through the dedicated work of their volunteers. The only state funded group being the well known Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, which gets approximately 15% of its budget from state support. I am a committed volunteer all my life and believe Community Spirit is what makes this country work, however in this case as in other spheres the volunteer can only do so much – Andrew Geary