Sean Og & DavidI started Secondary School in September 2009 and I have found all my school years excellent and the helpers could not have been nicer to me. I also found all the teachers extremely helpful and very nice.

My favourite subjects were computers, Home Economics and I also did Office Admin. I also did I.T classes and I found these excellent. At the start of the new school year you are given a timetable with different subjects and you are also given a homework journal. When I was in First Second and Third year there was a lot of homework and preparing for the Junior Certificate Exams which was hard at that time. I found it hard to prepare for the Exams. There were listening tests and they were very hard at that time I then went on to do Leaving Cert Applied and I found the tasks easier to complete. I also did Hotel and Catering and IT classes.

I found the classes excellent and I know most about computers. I am better than anyone else at computers and I have an excellent memory. I also have a good knowledge of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel and I know what I am doing with these programmes

All the staff in St. Colman’s Community College have been so nice and helpful and I felt very welcomed there.

Trips Out of School
There was a trip to the Cork Courthouse when I was in Third Year. There was also a PLC College Open Day for the 5th and the 6th Year Students. There was a trip to Dunmore East in 5th Year. You will learn a lot on all of these trips. There may be different trips. It depends on what class you are in.

I have had an excellent time in St. Colman’s as I feel that the teachers, helpers, staff and students are all very nice. My school had a good environment and it worked out very well.