I started Financial Wellbeing back in September 2008 and what a journey the last 12-years has been. When I started the company I had dreams that Financial Wellbeing would be successful, make a difference in the special needs area and allow me to provide for my young family.

Little did I know how challenging the first 5-years were going to be and how hard it would be to get the business off the ground. But I kept getting good feedback from parents, the odd email with words of encouragement and even small gifts from parents which keep me believing I was doing the right things.

The last 5-years has been amazing. With the support of parents, the word has spread, and the business has reached great heights, beyond what I ever imagined.

I did some quick calculations I reckon we had well over 6,000 parents at our workshops and I have personally meet around 2,000 families for private consultations. We were able to give back over €65,000 to different charity groups, parents association and special needs schools through collections at our workshops with Financial Wellbeing topping up the payments.

Still to this day, one of my proudest moments was when a few years ago David emailed me, and at the end of his email he changed his signature to,

David Crowley

Financial Wellbeing

I was so proud to have started a company that David felt a part of. He still cracks me up and makes me smile when he tells me his stories. He loves to interrupt Dolores during the workshops to tell everyone some embarrassing story about his mum.

Over the years, I have seen how fleeting life can be. I have been in plenty of meetings where I have ended up in tears as parents tell me about their journey. I have also been fortunate to be in a position where I can guide parents or give them some insight that I know will make a significant difference in their child’s future.

Then COVID-19 hit Ireland.

Like most companies out there, we were heavily impacted. We immediately had to cancel all private appointments.  We had 6-scheduled workshops in April and May that had to be withdrawn, and like all businesses, it is hard not to worry about the future.

Financial Wellbeing was set up 12-years ago during a recession, and I remain optimistic that we will be around for another 12-years.

I want to take this moment to thank you, our parents, for trusting us with your child’s Special Needs Trust Planning. It has been a great honour and privilege to serve the parents of Ireland.

Stay safe,

Allan Cuthbert

Founder of Financial Wellbeing