I was thinking about the discussions going on around the 1916 proclamation. I would like to think that the Irish men women and children who fought for a better Ireland would also want a better Ireland for our people with disabilities. I feel it is a mark of a country in how it treats its people who are less fortunate than others.

Why as a parent of a young man with additional needs why do I feel I have to fight for everything for him, from therapy to equipment, again and again and again? Emotional, mentally and physically it can be challenging for most carers in Ireland. When is this going to STOP and let Ireland help our less advantaged.

Some of the changes I would like to see are as follows:

  • Any citizens of Ireland with disabilities are to be provided for by the state in matter of medicine, equipment, health and therapy’s without delay or cost to the person with special needs or families.
  • Medical card given to all persons with special needs.
  • Education shall be provide for to meet the needs of the child and personal assistants available to help all children where needed at the request of therapists & teachers.
  • The person with disability shall be treated with respect regardless of intellect etc. regarding changing room privacy, hospital and care privacy.
  • All therapy carried out as soon as possible within 6 weeks of applying and continuous assessments throughout life.
  • Equipment to be provided for as a matter of urgency for all children, no waiting lists.
  • Parents and guardians to be fully supported and provided for with the therapists and equipment and respite care given every 6 weeks.(where applicable)
  • Specialised transport given free of charge to accommodate the independence of the person with special needs.
  • All parents and guardians to have a person with whom they can liaise with in regard to therapy/equipment who is not working for the organisation providing therapy.
  • Medical treatment given priority to special needs person, A & E, South Doc, etc.
  • All shops, hotels, restaurants and public places regardless of history shall now be wheelchair assessable.

I want to hear what you need and let’s write a declaration for our children and their future.